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It’s 2022, I’m Twenty-Nine and I Still Live at Home

If you’re curious to learn how I’m handling turning 30, then the joke is on you, because I am not handling it. Who decides what it means to maturely and appropriately deal with something, anyway?

The truth of my turning the big 3–0 has launched me into an arbitrarily imposed and self-induced state of frenzied financial panic.
art by Amir Belhoula

This time last year I would have been reluctant to even so much as glance at my visa statement or checking account because 1. I had much more saved and felt a false sense of security 2. I was (still am, but working on it) very irresponsible. My attitude towards personal finance has always been cavalier, to an almost excessive degree. If I’m being completely honest (which I am committed to doing here, on my blog, at least) the reality is that most of my non-interest in anything personal-finance related is clearly just an avoidance technique for not wanting to deal with where I am in life, financially and chronologically speaking. Astrologically speaking, I’m fucked.

If you’ve read Catch 22, or haven’t read it but understand the paradox, it’s here: I avoid dealing with my finances because I find my financial situation embarrassing, but I find my financial situation embarrassing because I have avoided dealing with my finances (this is not an idiosyncrasy, people do this all the time.) Here’s a couple examples of basic things I avoid doing (which I assume other well-adjusted, competent adults have been doing consistently, and for a long while):

1. Going over bank statements and monitoring charges on a regular if not daily basis.

2. Creating a budget.

3. Tracking spending/earnings.

4. Investing in very secure stocks or some other means of passive income.

This all might seem like no-brainer advice. But did my smug attitude result in any real, behavioural change? No, it didn’t. Obvious or not—I’m an idiot. My finances were as cryptic as a contemporary art museum, or a David Lynch movie. None of it made any fucking sense. As I mentioned in the title of this post—I’m almost 30. I’m sure there are others that can relate, but I’m not where I thought I’d be at this point in my life. I’m also not going to get there unless I start to make some serious changes.

Whichever way you got to my page, and for whatever reason, I’m glad you are here. Stick with me as I try to get a grip, and hopefully get my shit together in 2022. I will keep you posted along the way.

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