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The Best Way to Get Started Freelance Writing

This blog is different because the lessons are coming to you real-time. Financially speaking—I’m in the trenches. I’m trying to work my way out, and that is what makes this blog different, or unique from the rest.

You buy bitcoin, bro? Screenshot from Trevor Wallace’s Youtube.

This is my first post on freelance writing. In an earlier blog called, ‘What is this Blog About? Icebreakers’, I said that this blog (like, my blog, in general) is ‘Seinfeldian in spirit, and about no one thing in particular.’ I said this because I don’t want to have to limit myself on what I choose to blog about. This series is all about my journey through personal finance, and so it's about one topic—sort of. When you think about it, personal finance ends up being about a whole slew of things, like building habits and exercising self-discipline that apply to all corners of life. The way i see it is that there’s no shortage of finance bros and bloggers blogging about how to earn ‘passive income,’ and raking in cash without lifting a finger (…so it seems.)

These people aren’t relatable.

The finance bros offer advice in hindsight, after the fact.They’re removed—they have that ‘fuck you’ money, you know? Money that falls out of their ass and they’re like, it’s cool. This blog is different because the lessons are coming to you real-time. Financially speaking—I’m in the trenches. I’m trying to work my way out, and that is what makes this blog different, or unique from the rest.

My niche is the financially incompetent, the underdogs, those that haven’t figured it all out. Maybe you’re in a 9–5 pissing your life away earning money for someone else doing a job you hate, or maybe you just feel stuck. I was stuck—and then I discovered freelance writing. I’m not saying I’m magically unstuck now (it’s only been like a couple of months, lol) but I see the path to unstuckness, and then some.

Being a freelancer means being your own boss and that is empowering af—it’s been revolutionary and has changed absolutely everything—at least for me. Sure, it was nerve-wracking and scary at first, but it’s turned out to be the best risk I have ever taken. I’m serious. The sweet, sweet freedom that comes with being your own boss cannot be overstated. I choose when I want to work—take that in for a hot sec. I wake up when I want, my ‘uniform’ consists of sweats or leggings and a t-shirt with my hair tossed up in a bun and not a speck of makeup. It takes me a total of 5 minutes to get ready for the day. I’m not wasting my life sitting in traffic driving to the office, and oh, did I mention that NO ONE tells me what to do?!?!

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I tell me what to do… because I’m the boss, bitch.

If I don’t feel like taking on a job, I don’t. If someone’s giving me a hard time — fuck ’em. There’s more where that came from and remember: you don’t need to take anyone’s shit when you work for yourself. You take your own shit. I could go on for days about how epic freedom lancing is. I won’t right now because I want to get to the juice—like, how’d I get the ball rolling? I’m pretty sure that’s what I said I’d do in the title of this blog or something, idk, don’t quote me …(or do.)

How I’m Making Money Writing Online

Step-by-step, all facts no fibs.

I honestly had no idea you could make money writing online. Hadn’t a clue. If I knew it was a thing, I would’ve started ages ago. Let me tell you—it’s a real thing—you can actually make dollar bills writing online.

Here’s how I did it.

1. Step one: create an Upwork account.

If you haven’t heard of Upwork (where have you been?) it’s probably the most popular freelancing website, along with Fiverr (I don’t personally use Fiverr, but people seem to like it.) Upwork is the mecca of freelance sites. It’s a goldmine for bloggers, copywriters, content creators and graphic designers alike. It’s the Wild Wild West of freelancing. The way it works is simple: people post jobs they need done, and you apply to whichever jobs you want with ‘connects’ you have (similar to LinkedIn’s in-mail credits, or whatever they’re called.) Most of the jobs are small, micro-jobs, so they are short-term and you get paid once you complete the work and your contract ends.

2. Step two: create your freelance profile.

Choose your work categories. My categories are copywriting, blogging, academic writing, proofreading, etc. Write a short blurb talking about your skills and how you’re the best ever at what you do. Here’s a pic of my profile (for reference, should it help):

My Upwork Profile

3. Step three: set up your method of payment.

I connected my Upwork account directly to my bank account so it would transfer automatically. Personally, I think this is the best way to go, but you can also get paid out through Paypal, Payoneer or other transfer methods Upwork offers. Keep in mind—Upwork takes 20% of your total earnings. Yup.

4. Step four: apply, apply, apply.

If you’re not about the hustle, don’t freelance. It’s a numbers game—so the more you put out, the more you’ll get back in return. As a freelancer, part of the job is applying itself. I cannot stress this enough. Expedite the process by creating job proposal templates in advance. This is a game-changer when it comes to getting out those applications, and it’s going to save you a ton of time in the long run. With the pre-made templates, all you have to do is switch up small details of the specific job you’re applying to. Here’s a proposal template I made, for reference, and should it help.

If you’re looking to start freelancing, but aren’t sure where to get started, then I hope this helps. Getting started is huge, but as I’ve said on this blog many times before, consistency is the key. Freelance is not passive—it takes work—lots of it. You have to have serious self-discipline, and you need to put in the hours. Also, you need to be the one to motivate yourself on a daily basis. If you take the time and put in the effort, you’ll start to reap the rewards.

My exclusive proposal template

This much I know is true, just look at what I’m pulling from blogging on Medium alone:

Medium Lifetime Earnings Summary

As my good friend ol’ Ben would say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Catch you all in the next one!

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