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Today's economy is a content creators goldmine.

If you're a self-motivated person that can whip out 500-words for a blog (with a can-do, go-getter attitude,) you've got a skill that's both in-demand and highly-profitable.

Keep in mind, writing is the easiest part. We can help with the rest.

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The DYB Team

Elan Yashinsky

Senior Graphic Designer

Elan is DYB team's Senior Graphic Designer, head of aesthetic and all things visual. Elan is a master of technology, computers, crypto-currency and MMA. He is an exceptionally talented graphic designer, and meticulously designed the DYB site to capture our brand vibe. If you're in need of top-rate design work, Elan is available and happy to help realize your brand identity the way you envision it. In his spare time, Elan enjoys playing with his cat Swift, and spending time with his family (including his sister, Dalia.)

Dalia Yashinsky

DalYBlogs Founder

Dalia is the Founder of DYB, an academic writer and professional blogger. She graduated with her Bachelor's (with Honours,) from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 2015. Then got her Master's Degree in philosophy, also from Queen's University, in 2017. Since graduating, Dalia has worked in various jobs across multiple industries, and eventually found herself here, helping people navigate their freelance writing careers and offering writing services to anyone in need of professional writing.