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How To Actually Make Money Writing Online

If you’re looking to get started as a freelance writer and you need motivation, or a lil’ sumthin’ to get you in that flow state, then stick around because things are about to get interesting, and we’re only getting started.

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What Clients Say About Our Work

Daniel Y

Glistco Ltd.

Amazing freelancer, will use Dalia for all of our content writing needs. She is very intelligent with a wide array of knowledge. Not only competent, she is extremely punctual and proactive with our project.

Dalia's done a great job writing for us. Her pieces are thoughtfully put together, she pretty much nailed our style guide on her first draft, and she's been incredibly responsive to any requests we've sent her way. I'd highly recommend her.

Dalia is a versatile writer who thoughtfully crafts her articles. She was thoughtful in ensuring the writing style was consistent with the style of my website and came up with unique ideas, examples, and anecdotes in her articles. I would hire Dalia again!

1st Edition Writers

Here’s the thing, I love movies. I’ve seen hundreds (nearing a thousand, I’m not kidding — I keep a list.) There are many classic movies worth seeing. In no particular order, this is a list of ten movies I


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